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June, 2019

Hello Everyone,

June 15 Meeting

It is almost time for you to come over to my house for the June meeting of the Orlando Koi Club.  The meeting is next Saturday, June 15, 11:00 am (lunch at 11:30 or noon), at 3729 Rouse Road, Orlando, FL  32817.  I got permission from my neighbor for you to park in their yard right next door to me at 3705 Rouse Road.  I'll tell the group how I got started in koikeeping, and Sam will tell us what to do in case a hurricane is headed our way this hurricane season.  Questions and discussion are always invited.  There will not be the auction I mentioned in my original post of the meeting, but there will be a table of free stuff (or maybe a small donation to the Club treasury).  I have several containers of both sodium thiosulfate, for quick chlorine removal, and potasium permangonate, for treatment of pond parasites.  I have two large bags of slightly used 1" filter media.  And there will be some plants to give away.  If you have anything to contribute to the free table or have plants to share, bring them to the meeting. 

I hope to see everyone next Saturday.

Upcoming Meetings

July and August                       -  The Club does not meet

September through December meetings are still being planned and will be listed in a later newsletter.

Koi Health Advisors

Do you have health issues with your koi?  We have several Certified Koi Health Advisors in the Club you can call on for help.

Joe White   -  386-767-0814

Henry Culpepper   -  407-277-5872

Rob Forbis   -  407-463-8502

Bryan Bailey   -  845-782-2336

Also, John and Grace Johnson with AquaDoc are quite knowledgeable about koi health issues and treatments and are always willing to consult with you.  (407-925-8127)

Wanted, Sell, Trade, Give Away

We may hold a brief, low-money auction of a few items I have around here, with the proceeds going into the Club Treasury.  I have several pounds of sodiium thiosulfate for control of chlorine, several bags of potassium permangonate, lightly used 1" filter material, etc.  I may also have some items to give away if anyone wants them.  If you have anything you want to add to the auction, bring it with you.  Also, if you have any plants to share, bring them.

Sam has several nice, healthy large koi to re-home.  He will send pictures with the June reminder email.

Submitted by:

Kim Hafley, Secretary

(407) 403-0757