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December Christmas Meeting

Our Christmas meeting is being held once again this year at the home and ponds of Chris and Diane Schroettinger on Saturday, December 14, beginning around 10:30 am to 1:30 pm, with lunch beginning after 11:00 am.  Their home is at 1815 Woodlawn Drive, Orlando, FL 32803.  As in past years, we are having a pot-luck type lunch.  Chris and Diane will furnish the honey baked ham and beverages, and the rest of us can bring a dish of our choosing to add to the lunch.  It would really be a help to Diane if you would let me know how many will be coming with you and what you would like to contribute to the lunch.  I am anticipating about 30 members will be coming together this year for our Club's big social event, but you don't need to feel that you have to prepare extra large portions to feed everyone.  Although I will be bringing potato salad probably enough for all.  We have always had way too much food for the members present.  We could use other salads, vegetables, maybe some bread, and, of course, deserts, for the many desert lovers in our Club.  I expect there will be enough variety of dishes to make a really nice lunch for our vegetarian koi kichi friends.

Chris says he has over 500 nice red and white goldfish right now.  He plans to pull up some of his best for Club members who might want to add a couple goldfish to their pond.  There will be a brief Club business meeting either before lunch or probably along with lunch.  I am hoping there will be someone at the December meeting to give us a status report of the Central Florida Koi Show upcoming next March.  And there MIGHT even be a quick presentation with handout.

Submitted by:

Kim Hafley, 2019 Secretary


September Meeting

Our September meeting was held at the home and pond of Bill Day.  He and Sam had done quite a bit of work enlarging his koi pond.  It was really nice with the lighted waterfall and other water features.  We all kidded Bill that there was still room in his backyard to go even bigger.  Isn't that what happens to all koi keepers!  Bill told the group how he got into koi keeping and pond building along with showing us his filtration system, which is keeping his pond clear.  Wonder whether those two very big bullfrogs are helping?  Bill and his friend Jennifer had prepared barbeque pork and chicken wings along with other tasty dishes.  It was a good day and we all had a good visit with our koi kichi friends.  Thank you, Bill, for hosting our Club's September meeting.

November Meeting

Our November meeting was held at the home and pond of Tom and Pam Travaglio in The Villages.  Around ten Orlando area members drove up to The Villages for their meeting.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend on the 9th, but Ron took a few pictures of the pond for me.  It looks quite appealing with its rock border and lovely waterfall, and his koi were apparently enjoying their enlarged watery home.  I certainly will have to get up there for a visit one of these days.  Ron says there was lots and lots of delicious food.  Thank you, Tom and Pam, for hosting the November Koi Club meeting.

November Meeting

On Saturday November the 9th Tom and Pam Travaglio are hosting our monthly get together alongside of their new pond. A scale train, a pondless waterfall and 150 gallon salt water live reef system are also features.  Should be great and a chance to see some more of Florida.  

Directions:  27 to 441 to CR466 to Morse Blvd.  Left heading South. 1stRound about is Haciendas of Mission Hills.  Push button at the gate and follow signs.  We are the 4th house on the right.  Parking is on the right.  Note parking there is limited.  Additional parking is at the pool parking lot that is on the left 5 houses up.  Lots of parking there and additional rest rooms are available.


Different Direction:  75 to 301 to CR466.  Right on CR466 to Morse Blvd.  Go thru round about and enter Haciendas of Mission Hills.


Newly revised pond.  3 tier water fall.  Over 3000 gallons.  Almost 4’ deep.  15 Koi and butterfly.

Grande pondless water fall opposite side with G scale track that goes all around the waterfall and side yard.


Tropical and perennial plants, fire pit, putting green and more.  150 gallon live, reef, coral and fish tank.


Note after the tour, there is Happy Hour down at Lake Sumter that is one mile away from 5-6:00.  Many restaurants and free live entertainment from 5-9.  


Please RSVP.  


Thank you. Tom & Pam 

Thomas and Pam Travaglio 664 Mission Hills TrailThe Villages, FL  32162  Ph. 352-391-2610

September Meeting

We are going to pretend that summer is ending and fall is just around the corner here in Florida.  So we have scheduled our first meeting of the fall.  Bill Day, our newest Club member, is hosting our September meeting at his home and pond on Saturday, September 21, beginning around 11:00 am.  Bill's address is 2117 Suehaven Drive, Orlando, FL 32806 (407-538-8151).  Bill recently expanded his koi pond and added a beautiful stone wall and new waterfall.  Attached below is a picture of Bill's pond at night with colorful lights shining under one of his waterfalls.  

image 20190811 212234 1565909415588

Quick Recovery Wishes

Our past Club President, Roger Rath, had orthopedic surgery on his right shoulder earlier this month.  Knowing what my brother went through with his shoulder surgeries, he could possibly be facing a long recovery and rehabilitation process.  So I know we all wish Roger the best as he goes through the healing.  Roger's address is P. O. Box 500, Eustis, FL 32727, if you wish to send a note of encouragement.  Attached below is a picture of how Roger felt just getting home from the hospital.

RR 1st wk postop summary

I hope to see everyone at the September meeting.  It has been a while since we have met, so there may be some items we need to talk about.  I certainly hope that no one had problems this summer with the heat and the rain.  You know that if you do have questions or problems, you can call on Club members for help by just calling or emailing them.  

Also, I always feel confident recommending John and Grace Johnson with AquaDoc for any of your pond issues or koi health problems.  You can reach them at 407-925-8127 or email them at JJGJ697@aol.com.

Kim Hafley, Secretary


June, 2019

Hello Everyone,

June 15 Meeting

It is almost time for you to come over to my house for the June meeting of the Orlando Koi Club.  The meeting is next Saturday, June 15, 11:00 am (lunch at 11:30 or noon), at 3729 Rouse Road, Orlando, FL  32817.  I got permission from my neighbor for you to park in their yard right next door to me at 3705 Rouse Road.  I'll tell the group how I got started in koikeeping, and Sam will tell us what to do in case a hurricane is headed our way this hurricane season.  Questions and discussion are always invited.  There will not be the auction I mentioned in my original post of the meeting, but there will be a table of free stuff (or maybe a small donation to the Club treasury).  I have several containers of both sodium thiosulfate, for quick chlorine removal, and potasium permangonate, for treatment of pond parasites.  I have two large bags of slightly used 1" filter media.  And there will be some plants to give away.  If you have anything to contribute to the free table or have plants to share, bring them to the meeting. 

I hope to see everyone next Saturday.

Upcoming Meetings

July and August                       -  The Club does not meet

September through December meetings are still being planned and will be listed in a later newsletter.

Koi Health Advisors

Do you have health issues with your koi?  We have several Certified Koi Health Advisors in the Club you can call on for help.

Joe White   -  386-767-0814

Henry Culpepper   -  407-277-5872

Rob Forbis   -  407-463-8502

Bryan Bailey   -  845-782-2336

Also, John and Grace Johnson with AquaDoc are quite knowledgeable about koi health issues and treatments and are always willing to consult with you.  (407-925-8127)

Wanted, Sell, Trade, Give Away

We may hold a brief, low-money auction of a few items I have around here, with the proceeds going into the Club Treasury.  I have several pounds of sodiium thiosulfate for control of chlorine, several bags of potassium permangonate, lightly used 1" filter material, etc.  I may also have some items to give away if anyone wants them.  If you have anything you want to add to the auction, bring it with you.  Also, if you have any plants to share, bring them.

Sam has several nice, healthy large koi to re-home.  He will send pictures with the June reminder email.

Submitted by:

Kim Hafley, Secretary

(407) 403-0757